Honey, Can You…?

“Honey, can you do this for me?” Honey probably can. Honey, are you antibacterial, antiallergenic, and sweet? Can you heal wounds, sweeten my foods and drinks, and ease the common cold?

If by now you haven’t realized I’m not talking to my husband (who is very sweet, mind you, and probably would love to be antibacterial), that’s okay, we’ll just get you back on track:

Ohhhh, that honey! What’s so great about the golden, sticky goo? It’s a simple cure for a handful of ailments, and a natural sweetener that doesn’t require excessive processing! Honey should never be consumed by children under 12 months of age.

Honey is yummy. It kills bacteria, and is a very gentle healer. Put a dab on skin blemishes and scratches to help them heal quickly and minimize their appearance. You’ll likely notice a difference just by applying and leaving it overnight. Looking for a new face cleanser? Warm a teaspoon of raw honey, mix it with a tablespoon of whole milk, and apply it gently to damp skin. Add a pinch of nutmeg before applying if you’d like some exfoliation. Rinse off, and pat dry.

Do thoughts of springtime make your eyes water and nose run North? If you suffer from seasonal allergies, enjoy two teaspoons of local raw, unfiltered honey daily, starting before allergy season in order to buff up your immunity to local plant allergens.

Caught with a cold and can’t stop coughing? A very famous nanny once suggested a spoonful of sugar to ease the medicine down your throat. (By the way, have you ever tried swallowing a spoonful of straight sugar? It’s disgusting.) A spoonful of honey is medicine enough! Let a teaspoon or two coat your throat and soothe that raspy cough for a bit.

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